Take a walk with Floor and Virginia

Take a walk with Floor and Virginia

For some time, we’ve been wanting to share our thoughts. No one told us that growing a business would be the equivalent to hiking a mountain at noon with 30 pounds on our backs. Like any other hiker, we see a summit and think “there it is”. You get there and find out there’s more and more and more. But those “I’m getting there” are the ones that keep you going.

We want to share this journey with you. Our future plans. How proud we feel of those summits and how excited we are on what is yet to come.

We feel like getting closer to you. Reach out to our community and keep growing it. A community that values the small things in life: moments, essentials. We want to show you more of what it behind the scenes of Routonomy, the essence of the brand. So we are starting with ourselves, Floor and Virginia: co-founders and faithful believers of Routonomy.

Routonomy started cooking exactly three years ago after we met in ceramics classes. We clicked immediately. It started out with casual meetings to discuss our values and future plans. Since the start, without measuring what we were getting into, our motto was “F*%# it! Let’s do it!” (Today, it remains as our motto). Floor wanted to introduce a new alternative for sustainable, organic clothing. Virginia wanted fresh basics that would match all. We joined forces and that is how Routonomy was born. But there is something nobody knows.

At start, Routonomy was not called Routonomy. It went throught a list of names. One of them, Sendero. For various reasons, it couldn’t be. We only knew it would be something to do with route and roots. Fast forward, Routonomy. A lifestyle.

Between research and lots of swatches, we stumbled on hemp. We fell in love. We complemented it with organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton and recycled PET. Slow fashion brand ethically produced in Colombia. Unbreakable core values. 

Starting our way, both did everything. It happens in any small business. Slowly, with the trust and respect we have for each other, we’ve been setting our roles in the company. Floor is the leader of numbers - or hard core stuff, as Virginia would call it-. As an expert in sustainability and environmental responsibility, Floor makes sure our values are always followed. 

Virginia is the creative soul on our team. She takes the lead on production. Sometimes we have discussions, different points of view, but our love for what we do and our friendship goes beyond, and we are certain this journey will be long enough. 

As real routonomists, we love walks. We sometimes walk together, or with our children. Floor, with Bob, her dog. Virginia to the Santander mountains with friends. Sometimes by ourselves. It’s these walks, especially at morning, that clear our minds and are the perfect boost for new ideas and to start the day. Our morning walks are these moments to show you who we are, our falls, our wins. Because why not. Who hasn’t made mistakes, who hasn’t been lost and came back. 

There is something we have very clear. It is more than a slow fashion brand. It’s a group of human beings that with many ideas and doubts, built a project that will leave a mark.

This is why, between so much trouble around, we give ourselves a chance to slow down. Stop and take deep breaths, watch our steps, take a few pictures for the memories. Tell our stories on small wins and falls. Welcome everybody to Morning Walks with Floor and Virginia, co-founders of Routonomy. We will keep you posted on our walks via Instagram @routonomy 

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