We want change and we make it happen.

Floor and Virginia, two foreigners living in the Colombian mountains, dreamt of leaving a better world for their kids by going back to what is essential. We are a community who wants change and is on it. It has been a long road to this here and now.

A small business with a big mission ahead: challenging status quo.

  • Taupe hemp blouse

    the product

    Timeless and versatile. Designed to last and for every occasion. High-quality basics made with the finest fabrics. Hemp, organic cotton, Lyocell, linen,  recycled cotton or recycled PET. It will live with you for years and thousands of adventures. An object, the simpler, the more stories will it have to tell.

  • the people

    From real people to real people. Routonomy is freedom of being authentic, being true to oneself. It is about discovering oneself by wandering and breaking the barriers.

    We are fair and committed to our community. We produce locally and know all our collaborators by their name. We grow together.

  • the planet

    We are responsible. If the fabric is not from recycled origins or compostable, it is not an option. We produce to give the earth back what we take. Only the necessary. Our premise is taking care of Mother Earth over anything else. And in the end, we are certain that one day, the only thing we will leave behind will be our footprint.

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Meet our founders

Floor Veer co-founder Routonomy

Floor Veer

Floor has the craziest ideas and numbers are her best friends. She is the greenwashing patrol. Literally. As an expert in greenwashing and sustainable development, she makes sure Routonomy is doing the best practices and our core values are present in every aspect of the business.

White basic dress shirt

Virginia Applewhite

Virginia, creative master mind. Loves everything natural and essential. She takes charge of product development and leads the way in marketing. With a great eye for detail she also makes sure your clothes look perfect, effortless and timeless.